My Repair specializes in providing alternative financing for those unexpected repairs.  Who hasn’t had a flat tire at the mall, a broken window at home, a furnace quit in the middle of winter, another driver slid into you after a snowfall, or needed a little extra cash to cover moving expenses.  Life happens and when it does My Repair is there to help you navigate around those unexpected expenses.  Our professional staff is there to assist you in determining what loan is best for you.  We offer a variety of loans tailored for every situation.  Check them out on this website.

If interested in our services or experiencing one of those unexpected expenses, simply complete the application on this website and submit it for approval.  One of our professionals will contact you and see how we can help you navigate through your troubles.  It only takes a few minutes to complete the application.

“Relief is only a click away”

In order to contact us, simply click on the link above.  It will give you a download/view of the application.  Simply fill it out, and click submit, or print the filled out application and fax it to the number provided.